So you’re offering a high quality service or a product to your customers. But.. it seems like acquiring leads is either a very SLOW process or… a very EXPENSIVE process.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be neither slow nor expensive. Every successful business owner that I worked with always had systems in place.

That’s because you can’t stumble upon success, you have to plan for it. What is more, you have to be able to execute on your plans.

I told you that you will learn how to get more customers online. But.. what I didn’t tell you is that it will also be inexpensive.

I know, you’re thinking „are you going to make me cold call random people Dan? Is that what this is?“.

Actually, no. That would’ve been my first guess back in the day, but today we have so many better options! I’m talking state of the art strategies that will actually end up making you money for every click.

So, how can you actually use PAID advertising for free or even get paid for each lead you get?

Get more customers through sales funnels

Most businesses that hit a dead-end have one of two problems. First problem they have is not having a well-built sales funnel. It’s not enough to tell your customers to „Click This Link to Buy“ or „Click This Link to Schedule an Appointment“.

Sure, it’s a start. It’s the end of your funnel, but where is the beginning. Without having a built sales funnel, you will get some customers. You’ll also be losing thousands of customers who never got the chance to get to know you, like you, and trust you.

All that lifetime value for each customer – lost.

These are the customers who would always be there for your business. Wanting more products, more services. How many customers are ready to buy from you right off the bat after seeing your website?

The answer is very few. No wonder so many businesses hit a dead-end. Even though they might offer fantastic, high quality services and products. Very few customers are willing to pull the trigger and give you their money.

Especially if you’re selling high-ticket items!

Anything to do before building a funnel?

If you’re selling your services or products for thousands of dollars you need to have a value ladder.

Showcasing some testimonials isn’t going to do the trick. You might say „well, I’ve had customers before and I don’t have a fully-built sales funnel. See, that might be true and I am sure that you’re 100% right, BUT what’s the conversion rate?

I can guarantee you that you lost a lot of customers without even knowing. Unless you implemented the strategy that I’m explaining in this quick guide.

There are two main lucrative ways to get more customers. The first one is developing a content strategy. But, for most people, it takes way too long to see the results.

You might post your content in January and it would start generating leads 10 months later! It takes 6-9 months for content to start ranking well on Google.

This is not a bad strategy, but a slow one. Many marketers can’t focus on it because they need results yesterday. The second way of getting more customers is faster and it can be the most profitable model.

It will help you outspend your biggest competitors. Customers need more than a „Buy Now“ button to drive up your conversion rates, so what do they actually need?

What I’m going to say next is going to seem counter intuitive, but this is the best way to run a profitable campaign. You need to give them something of huge value for free. Why?

Well, the answer is simple, you’re going to build a value ladder.

What is a Value Ladder?

A value ladder is a step-by-step guide for your customers to go from lowest to highest ticket offers.

From getting to know your business and getting something for FREE to spending a little bit of money. Then they spend some more money with you and then purchasing your highest priced offers.

It’s quite obvious that not all customers will go to the top of the value ladder. But, the beauty of the value ladder is that they don’t have to. You need to have a lot of customers purchasing paid offers to cover the entire cost of your campaign.

Plus, increasing your budget to reach more people, while spending less and less money. You will tweak your offers in a way that maximizes your conversion rates and makes you tons of money. All while keeping your pipeline of customers full.

So that you don’t have to worry „where’s my next customer going to come from?!“. One thing I can’t stress enough is that your customer is in the center of these offers. Not your business, not you, not all the social proof and existing clients you have.

It needs to be about your customer.

Figure out the pains your customers have and help them ease their mind. They will love you for it. And they will give you their business.

So, how to start your sales funnel and what would a very profitable sales funnel look like? To start off, it’s important to list the offers that you will be implementing into your sales funnel.

Build a value ladder starting from the free offer going to the most expensive offers. Those offers that only the select few customers will be able to afford. Each business will have different offers.

How does a profitable Value Ladder look like?

I’ll show you how a business consultant could structure his or her value ladder.

As you can see, the customers come in not paying any money, but get to know you and the way you do business. Educate your customers and many of them still won’t pay you your consulting fee.

But, it doesn’t matter. The goal is to get enough customers to schedule a call with you to discuss your services. You’re doing several things at once. You’re educating your customers.

If they do decide to take you up on your consulting offer, you won’t waste too much of each others’ time to cover the basics. You’ll also be optimizing your value ladder in a way that your average value per lead exceeds your cost per lead.

In example: you spend $8 on average to get a lead, but you get an average of $17 in sales per lead. You’re no longer paying for the traffic that you’re getting.

Your customers are covering and expanding your marketing budget. You no longer have to worry about filling up your pipeline with leads.

You also don’t have to worry about spending too much money on ads. Once customers schedule a call with you, they will already know that you’re an expert.

They will also know that you care. You will have fewer customers demanding discounts. Why? Because it will be clear that you do not need new business.

For more info on handling discount demands click here. Now that you have your value ladder, you will be driving targeted traffic to your FREE OFFER landing page.

The customer will need to provide the e-mail address in order receive this free offer.

How do you use emails to get more customers?

Once they give you their email address, another landing page will show up offering the $5 e-book etc. Even if the customer doesn’t go up the value ladder right away, you have the customer’s e-mail address.

You can set up an e-mail sequence giving the customer tips. Then you can transition into the core services that you’re providing. The great thing about these e-mail sequences is that you can write 6-8 e-mails and automate the process.

That way every time a new customer signs up he’ll receive these e-mails with no extra work from your end. The e-mail sequences are a crucial part of every funnel.

Expecting the customer to get up the value ladder alone isn’t enough. To maximize conversions you need to use both e-mails and the landing pages.

So what’s the most important aspect of the sales funnel? Well, besides the actual offers the most important thing will be the actual text that you use.

Sure, nice graphics and professional design can be helpful, but are not mandatory. I’ve worked with clients with the simplest layouts with very little fancy design.

Still, once we wrote the sales copy in an appealing way, the sales go up.

You can also put in place video sales letters. You shouldn’t be „winging“ these. Have a prewritten copy that you’ll use while recording.

Words that you use can make or break your marketing strategy. Unless you’re a copywriter, hire someone who can write a compelling, high-converting copy. This will be crucial.

How long does it take to get more customers?

Ok, so how fast can you put this in place? The answer is it all depends on where you’re at in your business at the moment. If you currently have the core services completed, you can have a funnel up and running within a few weeks.

Once it’s up you will track results and edit your copy to maximize conversions.

To sum it up

Your customers don’t want scammers to take advantage of them. It’s on you to make sure that you provide enough value to them so that they understand that you’re the real deal.

Introduce a value ladder and implementing the sales funnel. This strategy will make your life so much easier. You will automate your marketing. Your customer pipeline will be full. Customers that decide to take you up on your offers will respect you much more as a professional.

Hope that helps your business get to the next level.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out and I’ll help out.

If you need help with copywriting or your marketing strategy feel free to click here to schedule a free consultation.