When you think about how to build a long-term brand online, what comes to mind first? I’m assuming you’re thinking about a clean looking logo, colors, nice website etc.

Don’t get me wrong. These are huge parts of building a brand online. But.. think about what actually makes a brand. You will realize that there’s much more to it than pure graphics.

The graphics can make your brand memorable. But what is the core message that your customers will get once they get to know your brand?

Core vision of your brand

Core vision of your brand are values that you seek to share with your target audience. And also something that you plan on instilling in your company.

It’s never been easier to build a brand since internet allows you to become an authority in short periods of time. But in no way does that mean that it’s effortless – because it’s not meant to be. Building a brand requires dedication and massive effort, there’s no faking it.

In this guide I’m going to outline the process of building the backbone of your brand.

So how do you build a brand?

You can spend money on ads and driving targeted traffic to your website. Especially using sales funnels, like I showed here.

This will increase your exposure but it isn’t the game changer that you’re looking for. The key is in the content. You can share it through your blog, your YouTube channel, Instagram or podcast.


I recommend using all those channels of distribution. Regardless, it’s going to be the content itself that will determine how strong your brand will be. I’ve worked with quite a few companies which didn’t have a content strategy.

I always tell them – let’s build a customer prototype, build a content plan and make sure to follow through.

Build a long-term brand online through content

There are many reasons to develop a high quality content strategy. Right now you might be paying for ads to drive traffic to your website, and that’s great. You’re probably aware of this already, but I support paid advertising as much as the next guy.

But what if you could have a constant influx of customers for free?

That’s right, you build your content, you distribute it through all possible channels and that’s it. You will get customers for years later, with no extra money spent.

How much content to build a long-term brand online?

If you post 30 posts on your blog, sure it might take 6-9 months for these to rank. Once these posts start ranking well, your website will be full of new visitors and customers. What a better way to spread your message than through content made for your customers?

What is more, the content can be „recycled“ and uploaded to all platforms from one piece of content. Let me explain. Let’s say you make a video. That video can turn into an audio file, which means that you can distribute it as a podcast.

You can also transcribe the video and convert it into written content for your blog. You can also use the content to build more lead magnets later on. There are many SEO tactics that „guarantee“ you will rank fast and rank well.

Too often these tactics rely on tricking Google into ranking your content high. You will pay a price by losing that rank once Google comes out with algorithm changes.

It is always best to write high quality engaging content without hacking your way to the top. Google recognizes quality content and will reward you. Sure, it might take a little bit longer.

At least you’ll be on the safe side and you won’t have to worry about losing that ranking because of poor SEO choices. Plus your customers will enjoy content tailored to them. They won’t enjoy content than tailored to trick the system.

Build a content marketing plan

You might notice that I’m not focusing on your brand visuals, and that’s because that’s the easy part. See, anyone can get a cool looking logo and some graphics.

The valuable content actually takes time. If you build up quality content, you can be among the top professionals in your industry. I recommend combining the content marketing campaign with paid advertising. So, how to get started and write as much content as possible?

You’ll have to go back to your customer prototype. Look at the pain points that they have and focus on the content that can help your customers out big time. You will then build a list of topics you will discuss, or questions that you will answer.

Build a long-term brand online through audio content

You can start by creating videos or blog posts, but the content plan is crucial to get things done. It will also help you ease some of the stress. No more not knowing what to write or talk about next. This way you know what comes next.

Build a content plan for 30 pieces of content and start writing or recording. You can schedule these posts daily, weekly or monthly. The sooner you get the content to your blog the better as it will rank on Google faster.

For video content, it’s best to upload at least the first 5 pieces of content at once, and then upload one by one. If customers show up to your videos early they can see that there’s already some other videos on there to check out.

You can distribute podcasts through iTunes and you can host them on your own website. Audio is the next big thing. People are so focused on the success of video that they forget how practical audio is.

You can be driving to work listening to podcasts, running, making dinner, doing work. You can’t do that with video and you can’t do that with text.

Audio will completely dominate the next decade.


Keep that in mind when building your content gameplan.

In conclusion

There are many ways to approach brand building. But there’s only one real way to build something meaningful to your audience. And that’s through giving valuable content and helping your customers out. Beautiful visuals, slick design and easy to use websites are going to be super helpful.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out and I’ll help out.

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